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Down To The Bone Classic Album Series. 3cd box set, release date 22nd March 2019. Pre order from Amazon here.
DTTBlive. US Band

US Band

Rufus Philpot - Bass and MD/band leader
Katisse Buckingham - Sax
Chris Bautista/Gabriel Johnson - Trumpet
Dave Wood - Guitar
Iahji Hampden / Gene Coye - Drums
Quinn Johnson / Lao Tizer - Keyboards

UK Band

UK Band

Tim Smart - Trombone /MD
Simon Allen - Sax
Ryan Jacob - Trumpet
Alex Bennett - Keys
Jo Phillpotts / Chris Dodd - Bass
Davide Giovannini - Drums
Joe “Bongo” Becket - percussion
Billy Adamson - Guitar

Down To The Bone
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Dig It
Dig It
Latest release details: Dome Records - UK / EU / R.O.W - 28TH April 2014
Trippin ‘n’ Rhythm Records - USA/CANADA - 29TH April 2014
P-Vine Records - Japan- 2nd May 2014
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