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11/04/05 - DTTB finish 6th album , 'Spread Love Like Wildfire'

U.S Release date for 'Spread Love Like Wildfire' - June 21st

Well , the new album is now finished and I'm just awaiting a release date that should be around late June to mid July.
It's been a busy eight month, musical journey but hopefully you will enjoy the end result .I've been trying to get funkier with each album and have worked a lot more with Tony Remy , on guitar , and plan to do more with him on the next album , letting the guitar take more of a front seat. Richard Sadler and Neil Cowley have also helped me out too and hope that this working relationship will continue for more albums to come.

The new album's starting to show more of the direction that I have been wanting to go , for a while .With harder grooves , darker edges and fuller horn sections .
The single , for radio , in the U.S , has been chosen and will be the track called 'Tiburon' , which was co-written by Tim Best of 'Brooklyn Heights' fame.

I've started to use more 'live' drums on this album , another trend that I hope to continue with Neal Wilkinson and Adam Riley.

Jeremy Steig has made a fantastic contribution , playing flute on two tracks , 'Wildfire Woman' and 'Memphis Groove'. N'Dambi has also made a great contribution , singing on her titled and co-written track , 'Angel Baby'.
I feel I have accomplished a lot more with this album and it has set me up for a direction for the future , with new ideas in the pipeline already .

The artwork is nearly complete and as soon as I have a finished image I will post it on the site so you know what to look for . There is a slightly different angle for this cover as I have moved away from the talents of Frank Morrison , this time .Although I am sure we will work together again at a later date.

Here is a full lineup of musicians who have contributed to the 'Spread Love Like Wildfire' album
N'Dambi - vocals , Jeremy Steig - flute , Neil Cowley - keys , Richard Sadler - bass/percussion/mixing/programming , Julian Crampton - bass , Tony Remy - guitar , Simon Bramley - bass , Neil Angilley - keys , Tim Best - keys , Neal Wilkinson - drums , Ian Crabtree - guitar , Bruce Knapp - guitar , Shilts - sax , Adam Riley - drums , Dave Tyler - programming , Mike Kearsey - trombone , Jon Scott - trumpet , Richard Wargent - sax , Grace Ackroyd - vocals.

Also , the full track listing is as follows .

1.Memphis Groove
2.Mystic Samba
4.Angel Baby
5.Pure Funk
7.Wildfire Woman
8.Gotta Get Back To You
9.Lightning Rod
10.London Life
11.Latin Sagebrush

Find out more about my inspiration for the new album - The Inspiration behind Spread Love Like Wildfire

It looks like there will also be a special club remix of a track , yet to be chosen.It will be on a special 12" vinyl release , to go out to DJ's via Giant Steps promotion.Looking at possible remixers at the moment.

The first run of gigs are starting to materialize , so hope to see as many of you at those gigs as possible. Although the live side seems to be getting off to a slow start, we hope to be able to add more dates as the year progresses.So keep checking on the 'live' page for updates.
Still trying to sort out a mailing list , so please bare with me as I am doing it myself so it will take time . Keep sending in your details though , if you want to be added, as it will get sorted at some stage.

There have been a couple of frequently asked questions by people , so I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of them.

1.) When will DTTB be doing gigs in the U.K again , and have you forgotten about us?
No it is not that I have forgotten about the U.K , I still live here , although some , false rumors seem to say I have moved to the U.S, which are not true and I have no plans to move . Doing live stuff in the U.K is very difficult.My record label , management , agent and now 'live' band are all in the U.S now. So this means I have next to no representation outside of the U.S. Put that together with a serious lack of radio or media support and it makes things very difficult .I have looked at setting up a new , U.K band to do gigs here but, without the support I have mentioned, venues and agents are reluctant to book us and pay the money needed to cover the costs .So the frustrations of reality make it hard , although I am still trying.

2.)Why is it so difficult to get DTTB's first three releases.
There is a legal dispute with the original record label , which I am trying to sort out . Hopefully , if the label is co-operative and is willing to sort things out fairly , then we can start re-pressing those albums again . There are links to other outlets where you might be able to get secondhand or old stock .Good luck.

3.)How come you are not at many of the gigs.
This is the frustrating reality of working with tight budgets .I have to forsake my place in order to allow the full lineup , except percussion , as that had to be dropped too, to be able to play . As I am not on stage, performing , I make the sacrifice . It is one of the only ways I can keep the live side going , as we don't get tours any more , just 'one-off' gigs .But at least the guys are still able to play .I have to choose my trips carefully .So sorry if people turn up expecting to meet me too . I would love to be there too , on every gig , if I could .Some people must wonder if I even exist .

Lastly , I will be compiling a new top 15 of grooves to look out for . So if you want to get into more funky stuff , check the top15 page , for the lists of records .

One band to look out for is 'The Rebirth' . I saw them at the Jazz Cafe , in London, and they were probably the best band I have seen there .Their new album,'This Journey In', is just out on Kajmere Records and they are from LA. There is a wealth of great music out there that continues to get ignored by the people who should be supporting great music .No wonder this business is in such a mess .So if you like DTTB then check out these other sounds.

Keep it FUNKY!!


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