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Down to the bone. Official site of the funk, soul, jazz band.

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13/09/05 - LP gets great feedback

I've been getting great feedback about the new album .People seem to like it and most are saying it is one of the best so far .So I'm very happy about that .
I will be attaching reviews of the album for everyone to check what some people have said .So take a peek at the 'music' page for more .

The new album seems to be holding it's own as regards to album sales and it seems to baffle some people as to how it does it without proper radio support . But we all know why , so thanks to you all , and keep spreading the word .Thank you also to those radio stations who have supported DTTB's past and present grooves .

Following on from the album release I am very excited to tell you that the 12" of 'Angel Baby' featuring N'Dambi is finished and kicks BUTT!!! . Broken Beat and Nu- Jazz guru Daz-I-Kue has completed a vocal and dub remix , assisted by Mark de Clive-Lowe on keys .It is a heavy Future Boogie styled cut . On the other side is the great Bossa Beat stylings of the Afro Elements who have remixed 'Wildfire Woman' and have given it a Samba style for the clubs . Promotion will be via Giant Step NY and as yet , an undecided promoter in the U.K . The 12" vinyl should get an official release to the shops too .For those not into their vinyl iTunes will be selling it too .Manufacturing should start soon and a release date is just around the corner .So watch this space for more info .
We had a great response to our , brief , run of gigs this summer . The weeks rehearsals in LA paid off as the new stuff , live , ROCKS!!!! We have worked hard to be able to put together an up-beat and funky set . Thanks to all those for turning up to the shows , and I think we made some new fans along the way . We will keep pushing for more gigs as there are loads of places we would like to get to and I know from people's e-mails that we have fans in places we have not been that are desperate to see us .I am trying...I promise but it isn't as easy as you may think .
Thanks to the guys in the band for doing such a great job .

Shilts -'band leader' - sax , Katisse Buckingham - sax / flute and rap , Bill Steinway -keys , Rufus Philpot-bass , Alan Hinds - guitar and Tony Moore -drums .
Thanks also to Neil Angilley -keys and Neal Wilkinson - drums who were not around for these gigs .
As always , any new dates will be posted on to the 'live' page . No new ones so far though , but keep checking , we may get lucky .

I've just added a load of new photos so feel free to check them on the 'band ' page . Loads of other photos under different headings too .
I have also indulged myself and posted a new 'top 15' of cool tracks I've been playing recently .Be warned , I've been buying a few 7" vinyl singles so it features some of those tunes too .All great stuff though .
I've also posted a couple of interviews we did . One for Dirk at Jazz-not-Jazz and one Shilts and myself did for Bonnie at Smooth Views .Check it!

I am in the process of moving my office and studio and will be posting a new PO Box mailing address soon for any letter writers out there . Loads of new links for people to check . One to look for is GEMM.com , a record search finder for all those tunes you can't find .Very useful .

So , until the next one....keep it funky!!!! as always .


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