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Down to the bone. Official site of the funk, soul, jazz band.

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It’s been a while since I updated the news, so thought I should get my backside in gear and tell you all the new lowdown.

Spread Love Like Wildfire did very well , considering the lack of radio support .It held up against those albums out there getting better support. Most people thought it was one of the best albums so far. Which is great to hear. Thanks to all those who give me such fantastic support , and those few stations that did support me. Much appreciated.

Narada have agreed to a new album, so I am busy in the studio preparing ideas for the next album .I am looking at calling it ‘Supercharged’ and expect it to be finished by the end of the year for a possible early 2007 release .It’s shaping up to be the funkiest album yet .I ‘m looking at including musicians such as Tony Remy , Julian Crampton , Neil Angilley , Shilts , Ian Crabtree , Neil Cowley and others .With some possible new names . So far I am very excited about the rawer / funkier sound that I am working on . I will be looking at including the same horn section, the M.J.R Horns, to add that extra punch .

The 12” remix of ‘Angel Baby’ was a great success , winning the ears of many DJ’s / clubs and punters. Giant Step, in the U.S , and Crunk Promotions , in the U.K did a great job in promoting the 12” vinyl to the right people . Timewarp Distribution also took on the task of supplying the shops , both here, in the U.K , and to the rest of the world. Some of my favorite , indie shops , gave it great reactions , such as  Phonica Records , nearly giving it release of the week , and calling it ‘Probably the first definite summer tune of the year and great one at that!’ .Fat City also gave it great reactions .Some of the DJ’s who gave it great support were , Mike Chadwick – Jazz FM , Mr Scruff and Bruce Q , saying ‘ It has been played without fail every week  and people go into a formation dance groove that 'shocked' Daz-I-Kue when he came to play for us a few months ago and every time since he's played at 'LF' . For those still into their vinyl , check the ‘links’ page on the site for some shops that are still selling the single.

DTTB DJ GIGS!!!!!!!!


Some great news is that I now have a regular DJ gig along side KJ and Jazz John of Melting Pot . So for the first and second weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) we will be playing our favorite Jazz , Soul , Funk ,Nu-Beat , Future Boogie and Brazilian , both old and new .

The venue is:

46 Chertsey Street
Surrey GU1 4HD
T: 01483 562441

Olivier and his friendly staff will be serving up the drinks . So , if you fancy some great grooves in a friendly bar then it would be great to see you there . We also hope to secure a few live performances by various , funky , acts in the near future . Please check my ‘Top 15’ list , on this site, for the sort of quality music that I will be playing .I have also just updated it . I will be posting the flyer for the night on the ‘live’ page at a later date . First DJ set is on Friday and Saturday 30th June and 1st July.

DTTB gigs are a little light this year , there are still promoters out there who still don’t realize that DTTB are a solid funky act who put on a great show .Little do they know what they are missing . There are still loads of places we are trying to get to as I know there are loads of fans who never get the chance to see us .I promise we are trying to ‘Spread The Word ‘ so we can get to play in a venue near you .

Thanks also to Shilts and the guys for working so hard in bringing my music to a live audience . Please check the ‘Live’ page for upcoming gigs . Although I am still trying to work out how we can manage to get a U.K gig .I’ll keep trying , so any U.K fans , I have not forgotten.

So, until the next one....keep it funky!!!! as always .


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