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11/04/05 - The inspiration behind Spread Love Like Wildfire

Can't believe I've completed my sixth album . I never would have guessed that I could have come this far . I am especially proud and happy with this album because I feel it marks a turning point for my music. I feel I am getting closer to the direction and sound that I have wanted to take the project in since I first started.

I have learnt so much more and am now able to work with so many more ,talented, musicians than I had ever dreamed of. I am continuing to grow more , as a producer and communicator, with each album evolving with me , as I continue on what I see as, my musical journey.
Because of this I am more confidant with the direction I am going. Which is a much harder , funkier and energetic sound. I hope this album , along with the others , will show how passionate I am about this music and I hope I have been able to communicate that a bit more with each release .
I am able to use a much stronger horn section encompassing the talents of Richard Wargent - sax , Mike Kearsey - trombone and Jon Scott - trumpet , to give a more powerful punch . Something I have continued from the last album , and the 'New Jazz Hustlers' project I did a few years back.I have also been able to incorporate live drums on this album as I am able to call on the talents of Neal Wilkinson and Adam Riley , to integrate their drum skills with the programmed grooves to give an overall tougher style , whilst adding movement to the tracks they have played on .This is something I hope to use more of on future grooves.

I have worked with Tony Remy more on this release , using his funky guitar to drive more of the grooves , so he has played more of a lead roll . Which I will also expand on with future releases .

Neil Cowley has played more of a roll on this album with his keyboard playing , he was prominent on the Urban Grooves album and played a part on the Cellar Funk release too .
I have continued to introduce special guests to my project, something that continues to amaze me as I never dreamed I would be able to work with such talent. One of my favorite legends of the flute , Jeremy Steig , has contributed to two tracks , 'Wildfire Woman' and 'Memphis Groove' , whilst organic soul singer N'Dambi has added her singing and writing skills to her titled track , 'Angel Baby'.

A lot of my influences come from the Jazz/Funk , Jazz/Fusion era of the 60's and 70's and I hope I have been able to show this , once again , on this album. Hopefully people will also hear my love of some of the 'Blaxploitation' soundtracks of that era and ,of course, the Brazilian/samba influences , that I love so much.

I am trying to inject some of the energy and passion that people had for this music into what I am doing now. Something I hope will crossover to others , as there is such a lack of it in what I hear on radio today .

The title 'Spread Love Like Wildfire' , along with tracks like 'Wildfire Woman' and 'Memphis Groove' are meant to create a certain , overall feel. Tied in with the album cover , are meant to encompass the passion, daring and slightly risqué traits that people used to take that they don't today , within this format .

'Wildfire Woman', for me , has that groovy Funk/Folk feel that used to come out of the West Coast , especially San Francisco's 'melting pot' , of the 60's/70's. Where Rock elements where also infused within the amalgamation of sounds .'Memphis Groove' is partly my acknowledgment to the Herbie Mann sound from his 'Memphis Underground'/'Memphis Two Step' titled tracks .A groove that I love. Put this together with the retro/club/dance influences of today and you , hopefully, have the sound that I am trying to create with DTTB. Without trying to sound too pretentious , with this album I have found a new energy to inspire me to come up with loads more ideas for future grooves , so watch this space , there is much more to come.

I am constantly fighting to get people , within the business , to understand and believe in what I am trying to achieve with DTTB . I am constantly trying to get the band taken seriously within the format, without people attempting to manipulate or change my sound .Someting I will continue to do and because I have so much passion for what I do I still have a lot of determination . Because of this I still feel that DTTB , both with the music and the live act , has a long way to go yet . I feel there is a huge potential to 'crossover' to a much wider audience.The band . on stage, continues to impress and given the chance , should be playing continuously to an expanding audience. The potential is there it just needs the right people to grab hold of it and utilize it properly .So I'm hoping this can be worked on for the future too .Worldwide , we have still , only reached a very small part of our , potential , audience .

On the live side , the next stage is to sort out rehearsals for the new album , so that we can start 'dropping' the new tunes during the sets .With each release it gets more and more difficult to play all the tunes I want to feature, as old ones are taken out to make way for the new . Which is always a tough decision , as people always want to hear their favorites .As these always seem to differ you are never able to please everyone all of the time . But I try to give an all-round show and stick to the more funky/party tracks to add to the 'party' vibe we try to give on our shows .

I am more excited about the future of DTTB , musically , than ever before. As long as I have the backing of a record label , like Narada , who will believe in me and my music , then I know DTTB will continue to grow . There are new ideas on the go already .It never stops.


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